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 stone lifting clamps -A

A model stone lifting clamps

A model stone lifting clamps suitable for stones that the surface is not rough.

A model stone lifting clamps MAX capacity is 1800kg

Jaw opening is from 30mm to 141 mm.

Jaw opening and capacity as follow:

300mm—360mm, Max capacity is 400KG

220mm—510mm, Max capacity is 50KG

270mm--700mm, Max capacity is 600KG

330mm—820mm, Max capacity is 700KG

360mm—850mm, Max capacity is 800KG

420mm—910mm, Max capacity is 1200KG

600mm—1100mm, Max capacity is 1300KG

700mm—1250mm, Max capacity is 1600KG

800mm—1410mm, Max capacity is 1800KG

Regarding how to select the ston lifting clamps, and the stone lifting clamps price list,
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