GST roller skids
GST Machine Skate:
GST roller skids is go straight machine skate,which just can go straight and have a
turntable above it.
On the turntable there are many screwed hole, via this hole can fixed with the
equipment which you want to move.
This kind of cargo trolley structure is simple, easy to handle and safely.
GST roller skids can combined with veered roller skids. Then moving cargos with
rotating transport.

GST moving roller
GST Roller Skate details and parameters as follow:
go straight roller skids
go straight cargo trolley
Wheel Material: Urethane ,Alloy steel, Nylon can be choice.
Original: ShanDong China.
Models:6T,8T,12T,15T,18T,24T,30T,36T and so on.
Payment:T/T in advance, as the quantity can be negotiated.
Price: Please contact us.
Freight: The seller offer it.
Package: standard, seaworthy, export package.
Lead time: have stock, or depended.
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