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air casters 48t

Six air modules, every air module capacity is 8t(17600.00LBS).
105,600.00LBS air rigging system every air module size is:686*686*50mm.
48T air bearing caster contains six vice air tube which connect with six air modules. Every vice air tube length is 6.0 meters.
Main air tube one piece, 30.0 meters long, can be added length if 30.0 meters can’t get your requirement. But do not more than 150.0 meters.
One set air console connected with compressed air source. 
105,600.00LBS air powered load moving skate technique date:
Air moving dolly vice air tube air pressure need:0.4 mpa, means 4kg/cm2 
Main air source need 5.5m3/min, air pressure need 10kg/cm2
Air bearing caster will moves your heavy duty equipment easily with no pollution, and will protect your normal floor.
Air rigging system can moving all kinds of odd shape equipment, because every air module can put everywhere you want.
air bearings
Price: please contact with us.
Original: Shan Dong China.
Brand: Finer.
Models: 10.0T, 16.0T, 20.0T, 32.0T, 48.0T.
Payment: T/T in advance, as the quantity can be negotiated.
Freight: The seller assumes it.
Package: standard, seaworthy, export package.
Lead time: have stock, if the quantity is large will depended.

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